'You are the power, Spirit are the miracle'

- Jackie Wright - 


Medium - Speaker - Healer

Jackie is from the North East of England. And has a passion for serving the Spirit world in whatever capacity they desire, be it teaching, demonstrating or private sittings.


Jackie inherited her mediumistic ability from her Paternal Grandmother who had died long before Jackie was born.


Jackie’s home is in the industrial town of Middlesbrough but she has been fortunate to share her mediumship all over the UK and the World.

Jackie’s Philosophy has always been;

A little thought for 2021



 As we stand on the threshold of uncertainty not knowing what 2021 will bring for us. let us remember that God and the Spirit world are  always at our side, we are never truly alone. So, lets walk forward stronger for the lessons that 2020 gave each of us, let us  focus on what we gained not what we think we have lost.

For those of you  who have been part of my tutorage this year I thank you all, I am deeply honoured that you entrusted in me your mediumistice development for a short time.

I hope that I will once again meet with you in 2021.


I will leave the final words to that great 1970’s band Slade;


‘look to the future now it’s only just begun’.

Now available:


One to one mentorship, for awareness development,

or mediumship all levels, or  Philosophy training,

all separate mentorships!

And also group-sessions limited to

14 students.

send me a message for more info!

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'Spirit don't want sheep, 

They want indivduals'

- Jackie Wright -