'You are the power, Spirit are the miracle'

- Jackie Wright - 


Medium - Speaker - Healer

Jackie is from the North East of England. And has a passion for serving the Spirit world in whatever capacity they desire, be it teaching, demonstrating or private sittings.


Jackie inherited her mediumistic ability from her Paternal Grandmother who had died long before Jackie was born.


Jackie’s home is in the industrial town of Middlesbrough but she has been fortunate to share her mediumship all over the UK and the World.

Jackie’s Philosophy has always been;



I am very excited, due to the success of my recent 6 months mentorship. To

offer a second one. Once again, we will focus on communication mediumship,

and your unique relationship with the Spirit world.

It will begin on the 25 th March, 3-9pm and every month thereafter.

This is not for beginners but those who have some experience of the

foundations of mediumship.


Check here for new online courses at the Arthur Findlay College

New Mentorship starts in January 2022, check it here

My work





'Spirit don't want sheep, 

They want indivduals'

- Jackie Wright -


I am fortunate enough to have known Jackie now for more years than either of us would care to admit to.


Our relationship started with Jackie being my medium of choice, where I'd go to for my 121 readings, she gave me not only information that brought enormous comfort to me and made me a believer that life goes on with her incredible accuracy, but also guidance and healing that has enabled me to reach a higher potential in life, love and work.


Jackie then became instrumental in guiding me through my own development, teaching in a way unparalleled by any I've seen before. Jackie has an ability to take something taught or written, spend time with it, dismantle it and rebuild it to something that she delivers to her students that makes perfect sense.


Her teaching, methods and modalities constantly evolve, meaning a course you sat in a year ago may still have the same name this year, but will have many different elements and interpretations.


Her commitment to the movement and her desire to drive it forward into the Modern day, be it education, demonstration or even infrastructure, she is an incredible global ambassador for spiritualism on all fronts.


Finally after losing my mum in 2020, I'm the midst of a global pandemic, I reached out to her, its as though she already knew, she immediately came to the aid of me and my 5 brothers, who had not the tools to sort through what we found our selves facing, she gathered us together and she mapped out our mums service with us, she explained everything from start to finish and was a call or a text away through the whole thing.


Then came the service, I've never found the words to say just how incredibly special the service was, we expected sad, difficult  what we got was a moment frozen in time  secure in our hearts that we take comfort from and will never forget.

An incredible medium , and an  exceptional tutor to be sure, however her ministry I believe is probably what defines her the most, we will be eternally grateful to you forever for taking care of mum and all of us.


Much love and light as always.

Paul Maull xx