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Meditations, Visualisations & sitting in the Power

I am so excited to offer to you the download version of my CDS.

Each one is unique and inspired by the Spirit world.

Some tracks were inspired to me in times of great pain, when I have felt lost within my own emotions,

and I called out to the Spirit for help.

As with everything my guides share with me, I believe it is not for me alone, but so we can all heal and know that their love is always with us.


I hope you find as much enjoyment and strength from listening to them as I have had in making them.

Love to you all, Jackie xxxx



This recording was my first Cd I made, it  has three tracks including the introduction.

Track one is a guided meditation, the spirit world gave this to me at a time when I felt I was worthless, it gave me the strength to let go of old pain.


Track two is a guided meditation into the trance states for those at the beginning of their journey into this beautiful power.

The Bridge of Eternity



The tower is again a guided meditation to help you to meet those who guide you in the Spirit world, this is a really unusual  story how I got this. Sitting in a coffee shop in a country that was new to me, and elderly man came and sat with me, he introduced himself and asked what I did, after sharing with him my work he told me of a Tower that he dreams of where he meets his loved ones in the spirit world. After sharing this he stood up and left. This recording is the result of that conversation.


This recording also has the track, 'Sitting in the power', an exercise that is important for every ‘would be’  medium to master. It should become a natural part of your routine to build your own power for the Spirit world to work with again this track was inspired to me by my guides who showed me that they are just part of the story, if I wanted to be a strong vessel for them to connect too I must become more knowledgeable about my own energy.

The Tower


We all have people who we wish we could speak to one more time, whether that person is now in Spirit or just no longer in our lives. I was the same, I was finding myself stuck in the energy of ‘why’ if only I could say this or that. So, my guides said to me come join us, and took me onto the most beautiful journey, where they used the imagery and power of Nature to make that reunion happen, allowed me time to speak my words, to share my longing and my pain. And in doing this allowed me to heal. 

The Reunion

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