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Jackie Wright

DSNU Medium

Jackie is from the North East of England. And has a passion for serving the Spirit world in whatever capacity they desire, be it teaching, demonstrating or private sittings.


Jackie inherited her mediumistic ability from her Paternal Grandmother who had died long before Jackie was born.


Jackie’s home is in the industrial town of Middlesbrough but she has been fortunate to share her mediumship all over the UK and the World.

Jackie’s Philosophy has always been;


‘Retain your individuality, your uniqueness, because that is why the Spirit world has chosen you.’


Jackie encourages the student to search for themselves and become their own authority within their development, not to believe it because the teacher says so. Jackie is not interested in developing clones, but instead wants the student to explore their own unique relationship with those in the world of Spirit.


Jackie is a course organiser and tutor at the world -renowned Arthur Findlay College, in Stansted Essex.




The clocks went back at the weekend, and immediately confusion set in, as I forgot to reset the clocks within my house. It is amazing how ruled by time we are in today’s world, how we watch the clock and time ticking so we are not late for this or that.


Yet the clocks going back also remind us that we have moved into a new season, the season of the falling leaves.

I went this morning for my early morning walk, and as I did so I walked upon natures carpet of gold and crimson leaves, they crunched under foot, as the sun came up and shone its light upon them their magnificence was laid out in front of me, and I thought to myself, how beautiful dying is.


For these colours could only be so magnificent because the leaves are in the process of death he beautiful colours are produced are so because the leaves have had their day and the trees are shedding them ready for winter.


We learn so much from Mother nature, we learn to be patient and to wait for the right season, we learn that change cannot be hurried along by our wants of this material world or the ticking of a clock.


We learn that in death there is a beauty, A transformation that promises us we will bloom again, in another form in another space.


Mother Nature tells us nothing is lost forever but merely waits for the right season. From Nature we find the light and truth.



My Philosophy

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