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About my Church work

My church work has always been my passion. I am proud of my Religion and to serve the churches that represent the religion of Spiritualism. The churches are usually the first place people come to when they are grieving or needing answers to what is happening in

their lives.

Agenda Churches 2022


5 th February..

Arthur Conan Doyle centre.. Evening of mediumship

9 th February

Gateshead consecration SNU church 7pm.

27 th February

Craghead SNU church.



1st March

Seaham SNU Church.
6th March

Blackhill SNU church.
7th March

Shildon SNU Church
9th March

Castleford SNU Church

12th March

Philadelphia SNU Church workshop and demonstration

13th March

North Shields SNU Church.
16th March

Wakefield SNU Church.

19th MARCH

Darlington SNU Church workshop and demonstration.

22nd March

Horden SNU Church.


April 2nd and 3rd 

Stourbridge SNU Church.
April 17th

Barry SNU Church.
April 24th

Idle SNU Church.




May 6th Blackhill SNU Church.
May 11th Craghead SNU Church

May 14th Wakefield SNU Church demonstration and Workshop.

19th May. Boro Rd SNU Church.


20th July Philadelphia SNU Church
30th -31st July Longton SNU Church.


14th August Billingham SNU Church.


24th September Hampton hill SNU Church.
30th September Blackhill SNU Church.


1-2nd October Stourbridge SNU Church.
10th October Shildon SNU Church
12th October Castleford SNU Church.
16th October Darlington SNU Church.
27th October Boro rd SNU Church.



8th November Seaham SNU Church.
20 th November Monkwearmouth SNU Church.

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